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In my earlier years, I grew up in Lakeville, MN with my twin brother Abraham. We started fishing with our dad at an extremely early age. It then escalated into an obsession and passion of ours. Our dad taught us many things about fishing that we still implement today. He would take us ice fishing or shore fishing on many different local lakes. One of our favorite spots was the Minnesota River targeting cats, sheephead, and carp. There wasn't a free day in our childhood that we weren't out fishing or looking for any sort of water that may hold some fish. We fished creeks, ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and even drainage ditches; anywhere that we could travel on our bikes. On many occasions we would make a ten mile bike ride to the Vermillion River to catch brown trout.

Around age eight, my father got a job where he had to travel all around Minnesota. He was happy to take my brother and I with him. All summer long as well as Christmas break we would travel about with my dad with rods in hand. Every town he had to work in, he would drop my brother and I off at the local fishery in the morning and pick us up when he was done for the day. In the winter, he would do the same. Since we were too small to use an auger, we would chip away at the ice with a crowbar to retrieve open water to pursue our hobby. Two of our favorite work locations on his route were Lake of the Woods and the Grand Rapids area.

Growing up Abe and I never had a problem finding fish and it did not matter to us what they were: crappies, walleyes, pike, gills, muskies, or trout. At age twelve we narrowed down our favorite species of fish when we met our grandpa Al who lived on Minnesota's famous Lake Mille Lacs. "Walleyes" we were hooked and man was he good at it. Grandpa Al always seemed to be ahead of the game. Our grandpa taught us how to run cranks and rigs always putting us on fish and constantly taking time to explain what we were doing, why we were doing it, and how to do it correctly. His knowledge of walleye fishing is a huge part to why my brother and I are so successful at it today. Shortly after we met our grandpa's twin brother, Glen, who we had the privilege of spending a day on Winnie with; I realized that our passion for fishing wasn't just some hobby of ours, it ran through our veins.

At the end of my 9th grade year of high school, my dream had come true. My family made a move. We relocated up north in some of the most premier waters for walleyes. Settling in the Grand Rapids area my parents bought a house on Trout Lake in Bovey. There will be no more riding bikes! We had a great fishery in our back yard! Equipped with a small graph, old outboard, and a 14 ft fiberglass boat that we patched up, it was hard to drag us off of the water. My brother and I were no longer the outcasts. Every friend we made up north loved the outdoors as much as we did! Well, maybe not to the extreme as we did.

Throughout the years, Abe and I started to fine tune our fishing skills. After a while, people started to recognize it and we couldn't go anywhere without being asked, ''So where are the fish biting, what are they biting on and how deep you guys fishing''. After moving to the Grand Rapids area, I have had the privilege of becoming friends with all the boys at Hang Loose Outdoors, a great bunch of guys that are as passionate for the outdoors as I am.

I married to Jessica Wolf who is absolutely amazing and shares my same passions of fishing and hunting. We have three wonderful children Ryan, Kaylee and Fenn. I am currently a forester at Mutch's forestry, along with Randy Topper, Craig King, and Colt Anderson. I don't think there is a day that goes by where fishing and hunting aren't the main topics of conversation during coffee, lunch, drive, and work time. It's great to have a group of guys to share ideas, experiences, and skills with to better tune our outdoor abilities.

My brother and I team up every year to fish in walleye tournaments competing against some of the best anglers around the region! Hang Loose Outdoors has some very competitive tournament teams so make sure you follow us, cheer us on, and look for us up on stage this year!!!




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