Randy Topper
cell: 218-244-8810 - email: randy@hanglooseoutdoors.com
aka "Topps"

I have been fishing, hunting, camping, and enjoying the outdoors ever since I can remember. I was brought up in a strong outdoors orientated family. My father, grandfather, uncles, cousins, etc; we all wait impatiently for the next season. Before I can remember I've been enjoying a great deal of success. Since then I've had the honor of people calling to ask "Where are the fish biting?", "When are we going fishing?", "What do I use for this and how do I catch that?", so I'm assuming others are observing my success as well.

Enjoying the outdoors led me towards a degree in natural resources. I received my Associates degree in forestry and later received a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resources Management. In achieving these degrees, I learned many things and all of them rolled together has made me a better sportsman. In the middle of my schooling I enrolled in the Army, went through basic and advanced training, and then enjoyed a sunny vacation in Iraq for a year. The Army taught me many things that also contributed to helping this business thrive.

We have been avidly enjoying the outdoors since we were old enough to walk. We have similar families and were all raised in a similar fashion. Like a wolf pack at first when we were born, we were alone like one man, but as we grew we came together and made a real wolf pack. Each person in our pack (Hang Loose Outdoors) has their own rolls and knows when and where to use them. Fact of the matter is we are all obsessed with the outdoors. We are good at what we do and even better at having fun. It's pretty rare to see us fishing and hunting without a smile on our face and laughing hysterically. I eat, sleep, and dream the outdoors and the only thing that makes me happier is sharing it with others!




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